Mayanpics is the online art gallery that invites Mexican- and Mayan Art lovers and collectors, both experienced and newcomers worldwide to step into a visual world of mysticism, colorful traditions and the remembrance of a great Pre-Hispanic culture. Mayanpics' online gallery promotes and displays exclusively artworks made by Mexican  artist  painter Cesar Antonio Ventura.

In these series Ventura has explored the figure of indigenous Mexican and Latin-American women and men carrying packages, sacks, pots, tables, children and everything that may belong to them, stating that everything that is carried contributes to defining the external identity of the charger although the purpose goes beyond the simple immediate visual description. As a follow-up of Ventura's long-term project "Burdens of the World" he has focused on the mayan culture and it's cosmogony for almost 10 years. These series have been exhibited in many cities in Mexico, USA and Europe and are still adding more new artworks year after year.

For more information about artist painter Cesar Antonio Ventura's trajectory, please visit www.venturart.com


Mayanpics is an independent online Art Gallery with no middle-men, which is reflected in our price-spectrum. Our goal is to provide our clients with unique contemporary artworks in a very easy and affordable way as you do with other everyday-items that you purchase online already. You are now able to order any of our original artworks, pay for and view your art comfortably at home mounted in situ and even return the art to us and be refunded if your purchase doesn’t match what you expected.

In our gallery you find both original art pieces and also unique Fine Art reproductions printed on a variety of different materials available for purchase. Our original art pieces available include traditional paintings in oil and acrylics on canvas, on drafting film, on foamed PVC and also limited series of lithographs. Our Fine Art Prints’ collection offers you a unique spectrum of reproductions which are each and one of them handcrafted after the printing process. Our virtual gallery is continuously updated with new original art pieces on a monthly basis.


Every single reproduction meets very high-quality standards both in Mexico and Europe and all of them are also signed and numbered.      :

  • Giclée A3 (42x29cm) Fine Art Print on high-quality, archival resistant paper signed by the artist (no craftsmanship in finishing)
  • UV High-Quality Prints on Forex PVC with hand-made perforated patterns and hand-stamped signing.
  • UV high-Quality Prints on Aluminium Dibond with hand-made perforated patterns and hand-engraved signature.
  • UV High-Quality Prints on Plexiglass with hand-made frosted details and hand-engraved signature.

If you want a special made-to-order engraving with a personalized message on your Fine Art Plexiglass Print, let us know. We can definitely create a unique Piece of Art together.

All prices are tax included and in USD. Please read our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.